Back to virtual reality!

Our guild leader has decided to move us back into a t2 guild hall. Smart move, really, we had way too much space and with about 6 playing members it was too big (TWSS).
Wulu was able to capture the attention of Jexi (the kick ass designer) on our server to restore the guild hall to its former glory. It looks great again.
To be honest the guildhall sold me on this guild it is truly incredible. She is very talented and you might could even pay her to design your house.

Now we need players, allies, and just friends to kill with ….contact us in game PLEASE!
do a
/who all heretic blades
and speak with anyone!

If you are wanting a change give us a shot we are not a raiding guild we are casual players and tradeskillers and want to socialize with new people.
Check out our guild hall in Gorowyn its really cool.

Gorowyn Guild Hall 1 Gorowyn ( 2830, 122, 1236 )
All the way west in Gorowyn’s housing area (take the first elevator halfway up then go south, up, and around in a counter-clockwise circle)


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