Upgrading debate.

Wow my stupid video card decides now is a good time to start flaking out. EQ2 crashes every single time I launch the client and with 2 boxing,  well forget it, the lag is unbearable. Now all of this worked up to this weekend and Saturday started crashing. I upgraded my video drivers 2 weeks ago due to BSOD issues and that seemed to resolve the issue with the blue screens but even going back to the BSOD drivers have not helped.

I was considering doing a complete system overhaul in time for SWTOR but then thought; you know I got enough life left in the system for another year at least. Now looks like I need a new video card regardless.

The cruise the wife and I are going on is at the end of October and so the card will have to wait until then ..unless the crashing continues.

Then do I spend 50 bucks on a mediocre card or 95 on a upgrade.







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