Back to virtual reality!

Our guild leader has decided to move us back into a t2 guild hall. Smart move, really, we had way too much space and with about 6 playing members it was too big (TWSS).
Wulu was able to capture the attention of Jexi (the kick ass designer) on our server to restore the guild hall to its former glory. It looks great again.
To be honest the guildhall sold me on this guild it is truly incredible. She is very talented and you might could even pay her to design your house.

Now we need players, allies, and just friends to kill with ….contact us in game PLEASE!
do a
/who all heretic blades
and speak with anyone!

If you are wanting a change give us a shot we are not a raiding guild we are casual players and tradeskillers and want to socialize with new people.
Check out our guild hall in Gorowyn its really cool.

Gorowyn Guild Hall 1 Gorowyn ( 2830, 122, 1236 )
All the way west in Gorowyn’s housing area (take the first elevator halfway up then go south, up, and around in a counter-clockwise circle)


Upgrading debate.

Wow my stupid video card decides now is a good time to start flaking out. EQ2 crashes every single time I launch the client and with 2 boxing,  well forget it, the lag is unbearable. Now all of this worked up to this weekend and Saturday started crashing. I upgraded my video drivers 2 weeks ago due to BSOD issues and that seemed to resolve the issue with the blue screens but even going back to the BSOD drivers have not helped.

I was considering doing a complete system overhaul in time for SWTOR but then thought; you know I got enough life left in the system for another year at least. Now looks like I need a new video card regardless.

The cruise the wife and I are going on is at the end of October and so the card will have to wait until then ..unless the crashing continues.

Then do I spend 50 bucks on a mediocre card or 95 on a upgrade.


We are a group of friends on the SOE Everquest 2 Freeport server. This server is completely free to play with many options for “buying into” the game at different levels.

To join our guild you must:

  1. Be 18 years old atleast
  2. Have a sense of humor
Its that simple.